Adverbs Starting with V

Vacantly (adv.) In a vacant manner; inanely.

Vagrantly (adv.) In a vagrant manner.

Vaguely (adv.) In a vague manner.

Vainly (adv.) In a vain manner; in vain.

Validly (adv.) In a valid manner; so as to be valid.

Valuably (adv.) So as to be of value.

Variably (adv.) In a variable manner.

Variously (adv.) In various or different ways.

Vastly (adv.) To a vast extent or degree; very greatly; immensely.

Vauntingly (adv.) In a vaunting manner.

Vehemently (adv.) In a vehement manner.

Venally (adv.) In a venal manner.

Vengeancely (adv.) Extremely; excessively.

Ventrad (adv.) Toward the ventral side; on the ventral side; ventrally; -- opposed to dorsad.

Veraciously (adv.) In a veracious manner.

Verbally (adv.) In a verbal manner; orally.

Verbally (adv.) Word for word; verbatim.

Verbatim (adv.) Word for word; in the same words; verbally; as, to tell a story verbatim as another has related it.

Verdantly (adv.) In a verdant manner.

Verily (adv.) In very truth; beyond doubt or question; in fact; certainly.

Verminously (adv.) In a verminous manner.

Vernacularly (adv.) In a vernacular manner; in the vernacular.

Verrayment (adv.) Verily; truly.

Vertebrally (adv.) At or within a vertebra or vertebrae; -- distinguished from interverterbrally.

Vertically (adv.) In a vertical manner, position, or direction; perpendicularly; as, to look down vertically; to raise a thing vertically.

Very (adv.) In a high degree; to no small extent; exceedingly; excessively; extremely; as, a very great mountain; a very bright sum; a very cold day; the river flows very rapidly; he was very much hurt.

Vexingly (adv.) In a vexing manner; so as to vex, tease, or irritate.

Vicariously (adv.) In a vicarious manner.

Videlicet (adv.) To wit; namely; -- often abbreviated to viz.

Vigilantly (adv.) In a vigilant manner.

Violently (adv.) In a violent manner.

Virtually (adv.) In a virtual manner; in efficacy or effect only, and not actually; to all intents and purposes; practically.

Virulently (adv.) In a virulent manner.

Vis-a-vis (adv.) Face to face.

Vitally (adv.) In a vital manner.

Vively (adv.) In a lively manner.

Viviparously (adv.) In a viviparous manner.

Viz (adv.) To wit; that is; namely.

Vocally (adv.) In a vocal manner; with voice; orally; with audible sound.

Vocally (adv.) In words; verbally; as, to express desires vocally.

Volcanically (adv.) Like a volcano.

Voluntarily (adv.) In a voluntary manner; of one's own will; spontaneously.

Vulgarly (adv.) In a vulgar manner.

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