Adverbs Starting with Y

Ya (adv.) Yea.

Yare (adv.) Soon.

Yarely (adv.) In a yare manner.

Yawningly (adv.) In a yawning manner.

Ye (adv.) Yea; yes.

Yea (adv.) Yes; ay; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative, or an affirmative answer to a question, now superseded by yes. See Yes.

Yea (adv.) More than this; not only so, but; -- used to mark the addition of a more specific or more emphatic clause. Cf. Nay, adv., 2.

Yearly (adv.) Annually; once a year to year; as, blessings yearly bestowed.

Yearningly (adv.) With yearning.

Yerst (adv.) See Erst.

Yes (adv.) Ay; yea; -- a word which expresses affirmation or consent; -- opposed to no.

Yesterday (adv.) On the day last past; on the day preceding to-day; as, the affair took place yesterday.

Yesternight (adv.) On the last night.

Yet (adv.) In addition; further; besides; over and above; still.

Yet (adv.) At the same time; by continuance from a former state; still.

Yet (adv.) Up to the present time; thus far; hitherto; until now; -- and with the negative, not yet, not up to the present time; not as soon as now; as, Is it time to go? Not yet. See As yet, under As, conj.

Yfere (adv.) Together. See Ifere.

Yis (adv.) Yes.

Yon (adv.) Yonder.

Yonder (adv.) At a distance, but within view.

Yore (adv.) In time long past; in old time; long since.

Youngly (adv.) In a young manner; in the period of youth; early in life.

Youngly (adv.) Ignorantly; weakly.

Ysame (adv.) Together.

Ywis (adv.) Certainly; most likely; truly; probably.

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