Plural Nouns Starting with U

Uchees (n. pl.) A tribe of North American Indians belonging to the Creek confederation.

Ugrian (n. pl.) A Mongolian race, ancestors of the Finns.

Ulonata (n. pl.) A division of insects nearly equivalent to the true Orthoptera.

Ulotrichi (n. pl.) The division of mankind which embraces the races having woolly or crispy hair. Cf. Leiotrichi.

Umbles (n. pl.) The entrails and coarser parts of a deer; hence, sometimes, entrails, in general.

Uncinata (n. pl.) A division of marine chaetopod annelids which are furnished with uncini, as the serpulas and sabellas.

Underchaps (n. pl.) The lower chaps or jaw.

Underclothes (n. pl.) Clothes worn under others, especially those worn next the skin for warmth.

Unguiculata (n. pl.) An extensive division of Mammalia including those having claws or nails, as distinguished from the hoofed animals (Ungulata).

Ungulata (n. pl.) An extensive group of mammals including all those that have hoofs. It comprises the Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla.

Univalvia (n. pl.) Same as Gastropoda.

Unmentionables (n. pl.) The breeches; trousers.

Upsarokas (n. pl.) See Crows.

Urbicolae (n. pl.) An extensive family of butterflies, including those known as skippers (Hesperiadae).

Urocerata (n. pl.) A division of boring Hymenoptera, including Tremex and allied genera. See Illust. of Horntail.

Urochorda (n. pl.) Same as Tunicata.

Urodela (n. pl.) An order of amphibians having the tail well developed and often long. It comprises the salamanders, tritons, and allied animals.

Usbegs (n. pl.) Alt. of Usbeks

Usbeks (n. pl.) A Turkish tribe which about the close of the 15th century conquered, and settled in, that part of Asia now called Turkestan.

Usself (n. pl.) Ourselves.

Utes (n. pl.) An extensive tribe of North American Indians of the Shoshone stock, inhabiting Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and adjacent regions. They are subdivided into several subordinate tribes, some of which are among the most degraded of North American Indians.

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