Plural Nouns Starting with W

Waldenses (n. pl.) A sect of dissenters from the ecclesiastical system of the Roman Catholic Church, who in the 13th century were driven by persecution to the valleys of Piedmont, where the sect survives. They profess substantially Protestant principles.

Walloons (n. pl.) A Romanic people inhabiting that part of Belgium which comprises the provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Liege, and Luxembourg, and about one third of Brabant; also, the language spoken by this people. Used also adjectively.

Wares (n. pl.) See 4th Ware.

Watches (n. pl.) The leaves of Saracenia flava. See Trumpets.

Weddahs (n. pl.) See Veddahs.

Wellingtons (n. pl.) A kind of long boots for men.

Wends (n. pl.) A Slavic tribe which once occupied the northern and eastern parts of Germany, of which a small remnant exists.

Whettlebones (n. pl.) The vertebrae of the back.

Whites (n. pl.) Leucorrh/a.

Whites (n. pl.) The finest flour made from white wheat.

Whites (n. pl.) Cloth or garments of a plain white color.

Whittlings (n. pl.) Chips made by one who whittles; shavings cut from a stick with a knife.

Wichitas (n. pl.) A tribe of Indians native of the region between the Arkansas and Red rivers. They are related to the Pawnees. See Pawnees.

Wyandots (n. pl.) Same as Hurons.

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